Verified Contractor Service offers homeowners a free and reliable way to validate a contractors business credentials before hiring


Contractors can apply to become A+ Certified Contractors through a 14 point approval process.


✅ Passed 14 point verifying process
✅ Rate high in customer satisfaction
✅ Offer the highest quality service
✅ Have minimum of 5 years business
✅ Must maintain superior customer service

When you are looking for a contractor who will provide the best and highest quality service and craftsmanship, where do you turn?

A+ Certified Contractors are contractors that are certified as “top quality contractors” with verified credentials. Contractors are screened through the Verified Contractor Service (VCS) so consumers can hire contractors with confidence.

The A+Certified contractors database provides a FREE, direct and reliable way for homeowners to check a contractor`s business credentials before hiring. A+ Certified contractors have passed a unique screening process that identifies their credibility, work quality, and experience. We rate our contractor’s performance based on real customer feedback. License and Insurance verification are conducted annually to include both the contractor`s bond and employees` compensation insurance.

Only superior companies receive the prestigious A+ Certified seal of approval. A+ Certified Contractors are screened annually by the Verified Contractor Service to remain A+ Certified. Look for the A+ Certified Contractor logo on trucks and commercial vehicles in your neighborhood that identifies a verified “Quality Assured” contractor.

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