Verified Contractor Service

About us

Verified Contractor service provides an easy, direct, and reliable way for homeowners to check a contractor's business credentials before hiring. Our contractors have successfully passed a 14-point screening process that earns them the A+ certified seal of approval. We list them in our on-line data base, so that consumers can easily find quality, licensed and insured trade professional in their areas.

A+ Certified contractors have been proven to conduct their business with the highest of standards and work quality.

The certification process includes direct contact with the contractor's past and present customers who rate the contractor on a scale to determine their eligibility. Ongoing reference checks and annual re-screening of A+Certified contractors ensure that the contractors continue to deliver high-quality service. Not every contractor who applies will pass the screening process or qualify for the seal of approval.

Verified Contractor Service is an independent company that gathers information from both the contractor and the contractor's customers to determine eligibility for the A+Certified designation.


When I hire A+certified contractors,
I am confident that I am getting a quality company.


"What makes our contractors so great is that A+Certified Contractors are rated high in customer satisfaction because we base our facts on real customer feed-back and not random on-line reviews"

Petina Andersen
President of Verified Contractors Service