Verified Contractor Service

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Verified Contractors Service was created to help contractors quickly and easily identify their business credibility with their future customers and to help consumers who are searching for a contractor, choose one who has verified credentials. Consumers trust A+ Certified contractors because A+ Certified contractors are proven to deliver top notch customer service and exceptional work quality.

  • Gain Customer confidence
  • Improves your companies reputation
  • One single point of reference for your customers
  • Highlights your experience and credibility
  • Sets you apart from your competition.
Our service provides consumers with direct information about your business profile and work history. Information that is critical for every consumer to know before they make a final decision on who to hire for their next home improvement project. An A+ Certified contractor has past a unique screening process that will allow customers to hire with confidence.

The A+ Certification just might reward you with more customers. When it come to winning your next project, you must lead with your best foot forward. For your company to stand out from your competition, you need a quick and easy way to show your prospective customers your business credentials and, as A+ Certified contractor, your company has been screened and is rated high in quality and overall customer satisfaction.

We Verify your company's credibility.

Has a verified contractor you will have a complete company profile page on the VCS web site that displays your companies qualification as a certified member. Not just anyone can become an A+ Certified member! If you are an experienced professional than you may apply to become A+ Certified member.

How to become A+ Certified?

See our 14 Point Approval Process.