Verified Contractor Service

14 Point Approval Process

A+ certification pledge

Contractors must adhere to the "Word Of Honor" and pledge that they will treat their customer and their property with Care and Respect, and promise to deliver the very best customer service and highest working standards. Keeping with local laws and regulations.
Contractors vows to always keep the customers best interest in mind throughout the whole construction process. Contractor will furnish in writing, all warranties and guarantees on labor and materials. All work being performed must be clearly written and understood for the interest of both parties.

License verification

Contractors licence or registration check and confirmed in good standing

Insurance checks

Insurance confirmed

Workman’s comp (if required)

The workman’s comp insurance Is up to date

Bonded (as Needed)

The contractor carries Bond insurance as needed

At least 5 years business experience

The contractor has at least 5 years working experience

No outstanding complaints

No current complaints on file with the lic board

All references contacted

All contractors reference contacted

Customer references approved

All references must meet our guidelines for a substantial project that showcases the contractors professional construction abilities.

Customer A+ quality approved

The contractors references must rate the contractors quality and performance with all A ratings

Reliability approved

Contractor must be rated A+ In reliability by all references

Offers all labor guarantees in writing

The contractor will state In writing all work Guarantee on labor and installation

Offer all material warranties in writing

Contractor will clearly State in writing all warranties On materia

Customer satisfaction approved

Rated A+ in customer satisfaction
Every A+Certified applicant must be a licensed contractor with verified credentials in good standing.
The contractor must have practiced the designated profession in his or her own state for minimum of 5 years.
Contractors apply for A+Certified status by providing the required licensing, insurance, and other background information including contact information for a minimum of 10 past and current customers.
Verified Contractor Service is an independent third party company that reviews the background information for accuracy and contacts the contractors past and present customer to ask a series of questions that will determine if the contractor can approve to become A+Certified.