The Contractors Pledge

“Word of Honor” 
The word of honor is a pledge the contractor must adhere to when apply to become A+ Certified. The Verified Contractor Service takes the “word of honor” Pledge very serious. If a contractor does not adhere to the to the pledge, he or she will be removed from A+Certified static.

The Contractor is asked to sign and agree to the pledge below.


I, [contractor’s name], promise to conduct business according to the highest of standards and in keeping with local laws and regulations. I vow to always keep the customer’s best interest in mind throughout the construction process.
Honesty: I will promise conduct my business honestly and truthfully.
Company Guarantee: I guarantee my company’s work and performance throughout whole project. I guarantee that the work to be performed will be described in writing in clear and simple terms that are easy for the customer to understand. Answer fully to all customer concerns before, during and after the work of the contract and to act promptly to all customer questions and concerns.
I will always maintain an open communication with the customer, and I promise to deliver the highest quality of work and customer satisfaction.
My goal is to conduct my business the very best that I can and reward myself with happy customers.