Why Hire a Licensed California Contractor?

california contractors license

Whether you’re planning to hire a California contractor for new construction, building repairs or renovations, you want to be certain that you’re selecting someone who gets the job done safely and correctly, not just at the best price. By only considering California contractors who have earned licensing through the contractor state license board, you can be confident that you’re selecting an experienced professional to do the job.

What Is a Licensed California Contractor?

California state law requires contractors to gain credentials from the state contractors license board before performing work on residential or commercial buildings. To qualify for credentialing through the contractor state license board, California contractors must pass an examination, prove that they have insurance coverage and undergo a criminal background check.

Benefits of Choosing Licensed California Contractors

While many companies and individuals offering California contractor services do hold the necessary credentials to work in the state, there are some unscrupulous people who operate without the necessary licensing from the contractor state license board.

Taking the time to do a contractor license lookup to ensure that you’re hiring a licensed professional or company is important. Benefits of hiring licensed contractors include:

 – Expertise. If a contractor license check reveals that an individual or company is licensed, you know that they had the knowledge needed to pass the state exam. This means that they are experts in construction and will be able to do the job correctly.

 – Honesty. You want to be able to hire a contractor that you can trust to treat you fairly, perform the job correctly without cutting corners and make things right if something goes wrong. If a company or individual is attempting to work without a license, you can’t be certain that they’re trustworthy. In fact, unlicensed individuals and companies could potentially take your down payment and never complete the work.

– Safety. Because licensed California contractors must pass a background check, you can be confident that a professional with the right credentials verifiable through a contractors license check is not a dangerous individual that you can’t trust in your home.

 – Insurance Protection. To maintain a license, contractors must keep professional liability insurance. If an accident occurs, the insurance protection will cover the cost of damage to your property and any injuries that the contractor or their crew sustains, so you won’t be liable for workers’ medical bills or have to pay for repairs yourself.

 How to Easily Conduct a Contractor License Lookup

 As you can see, conducting a contractors license check is something that every homeowner must do to ensure best results when hiring a California contractor. A+ Certified Contractors makes it easy to do a contractor license lookup on California contractors with a free search service. By using the site for a contractor license check, you can avoid the hassles of having to contact the contractors license board and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re hiring a fully licensed and insured professional.