Verified Contractor Service – All About Becoming a Certified Contractor

A Certified General Contractor is a contractor who is hired by a client on the advice of an architect. He usually visits the site of construction, renovation or remodeling to first assess it, understand the client’s requirement and then he would calculate the estimate. He would calculate the estimate based on the cost of equipments needed, cost of materials and labor. Handling all the services necessary for the completion of the project such as providing labor, equipments and labor is a general contractor’s responsibility!

It is a MUST for all contractors to be certified to begin their own contracting or service business. There are many who are very skilful but are afraid of becoming a contractor fearing it would too risky or too complicated. Fret not. It is not. Becoming a contractor is a very straight-forward process. Here is a basic list for making your contractor dream come true –

  • Decide what service you are going to offer – This is one the most important decision you need to make before becoming a contractor.
  • Name your business – Keep a very catchy, easy-to-remember name that will register in people’s minds easily.
  • Apply for all the required certificates and licenses.
  • Open a bank account for your business.
  • Get insured – It may cost you quite a lot. But it is worth the investment because all customers look only for insured contractors.
  • Find a location to set up your office.
  • Print a business card
  • Advertise your business.

There are also Certified Contractors Network in many cities. Look for one in your city and enroll yourself. It would be a great platform to meet new clients, potential customers and fellow contractors. Always carry your business cards when you attend such programs. It is one great way to promote your business.