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Choosing a Contractor

When it comes to choosing a contractor, there are a surprising amount of factors to consider when making your decision. There are plenty of places you can go to find a contractor, but doing your research into their reliability and background is certainly a necessity to ensure your project is completed on time, on budget, and in accordance with local coding standards.

What’s Your Project?

Contractors can be hired for all sorts of projects, from wiring in a new light to building an addition onto your home. You may think that working with a company would be the easiest route to take, but hiring individual contractors can save you money and get you better results in the end. All you have to do is choose what’s best for you. Larger projects or last minute projects usually mean hiring a company may be easier, but you’ll need to still make sure they are well-known and trusted in your area.

In fact, choosing either a contracting company or an independent contractor requires similar research steps. For instance, the first thing you can do to narrow down your options is looking into how long they have been in business. Now, this isn’t a sure fire question since some new contractors are great at what they do, and others have managed to stick around by swindling or not offering that great of service. But, the age of the company will help give you more information with your next step in the research, which is looking at reviews.

Sometimes, of course, getting a personal recommendation from a family member/friend can cut down your research time tremendously. Ask around to see who knows who, and you’ll likely be able to hire a skilled worker just by work of mouth.

Who Should I Hire?

Deciding who exactly you should hire comes down to your project, budget, and how quick you want it to be completed. Calling up a few different options to hear what each one is offering regarding how much it will cost, how long they think it will take, etc. will help you gauge each of their offerings and aid in your decision. Now, you shouldn’t simply go with the cheapest option, but hearing the different quotes will give you a  “ballpark” range of what to expect.

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In conclusion, only you can pick the contractor that’s best for your project, but definitely don’t just pick the first company you see. Whether you go with a company or individual, you should look at reviews and ask for recommendations. After all, hiring the wrong contractor can turn out to be a costly mistake.