Certified Contractors

Catering to those looking for the best diamond certified contractors

Are you looking for diamond business in your area? Then check with us as we can provide you with a list of diamond  certified contractor services who have passed our rigorous verification protocol and registered with us. Once your zero down on a particular diamond certified contractor we can help you check that businesses credentials through an easy and reliably way. Our database allows you to find the most experienced and best diamond craftsmen in your area. You can be sure that they are the best since they have got past our 14 point approval process which has been carefully designed by experts and has no loopholes.

Our certification is not simply a onetime process since any contractor registered with us needs to meet our verification standards consistently from the time they receive their diamond  certified After certification we directly link ourselves to the contractors existing and new customers and obtain a rating of the business from them. We constantly conduct reference checks and re-screening of the diamond

A+ certified contractors which ensures that they provide top quality products and services. Our certification is highly exclusive and can not be obtained by anyone who applies owing to our strict certification protocol.

Since diamond sale and purchase is so expensive we scrutinize their business credentials more rigorously so that the customers do not incur any loss whatsoever, since customer satisfaction is the motto and strength of our diamond  certified database. And also our rating system is not based on random online reviews which can be easily paid for or faked but rather gathered by personal contact with the customers so as the gather true ratings to provide for the prospective future customers.

A diamond  certified business needs to be well established with at least 5 years of business experience to be eligible for our certification and can also not have any outstanding complaints from customers. Thus when you opt for one of our A+ certified diamond contractors you can be sure of their credibility.