Government Contractor

Government Certified contractor – Be sure they are genuine

A lot of people are in the lookout for government certified contractors owing to their recognition and guarantee of quality services and products. This has lead to a number of fake government certified business to come up amongst the genuine one’s which is not easily distinguishable by the public since the minute one see’s government certified they trust it to be real. And even if one is suspicious and asks for documentation the fake businesses are sure to have the most realistic fake documentation for their certification. Thus for those people who are in the lookout for truly government certified contractors our A+ certification program is the ultimate check and seal of approval.

Our database lists all the government contractors who have registered with us and have thus passed our rigorous 14 point approval process. Since we do not do our verification just based on their license certification but go on to verify their license certificate from the government division that has issued them, there is no scope of error in our verification process. Apart from this we also register only those contractors who have held the government certification for over 5 years in the same state. This is because only well established businesses can hold their certification for so long hence assuring you their credibility.
Apart from this, once a government certified contractor is registered with us we link ourselves to their past, existing and new customers as and when they come to collect an extensive personal feedback on the quality of the contractors.

Our A+ certified contractors are required to sign an A+ certification pledge wherein they agree to provide the best customer service with the highest working standards. The certification process is not just a onetime thing; rather we conduct yearly reviews on their standard of work and also require them to have no outstanding complaints from customers to retain their A+ certification. Thus if you find a government certified contractor in our database you can be sure that it’s genuine and reliable.