Shopping For Antique Drawer Pulls

Antique drawer pulls are a great way to pay homage to times past, and they can add a classic look of elegance for any space. The most common use for these pulls is on antique furniture, but some people also choose an antique style for their kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Whatever the reason for selecting antique drawer pulls, there are a number of things that must be considered before a decision is made. It is important to realize that there are many different periods that are considered antique, and even within this wide range of styles there will still be plenty of decisions to make. Most antique pulls are made of metal, and it is rare to find any that are made of other materials. Glass might also be coming onto the antique drawer scene now, but metal is still the predominant material. However, the metal that was used to make antique drawer pulls may be different than the metal that is used in pulls today. Here are some other things that will be very helpful to understand the process of shopping for antique ...


Light Switch Plates - Illuminate The Beauty Of Your Decor

It was not so long ago that light switch plates only came in white or beige plastic with one or two holes for switches. If you thought something else might be nice, too bad. White or beige light switch plates were the industry standard, and what you got. Pretty boring, huh? Today, of course, modern lighting requires different light switches and the variety of looks in light switch plates expanded with along with the variety and functions of lights. Not only are there the traditional light switch plates you're used to, but you can get paddle light switch plates, circular dimmer light switch plates and sliding dimmer light switch plates that will go with your various light switches so you can have more control and flexibility in the illumination options for your home. When it comes down to it, light switch plates are an often overlooked and unexpected possibility for beauty in your home. Let's face it, few people really pay any attention to their light switch plates until they crack and break or until they ar...


Bathroom Décor: How To Choose Mirrors For Your Bathroom

If you are in the process of redecorating your bathroom, you should consider putting up new bathroom mirrors as part of your bathroom décor. Bathroom mirrors have one of the most important roles in the bathroom. Mirrors do not just allow us to see our reflection, they also help make the bathroom look brighter and more spacious. Good bathroom mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light thus making the room more alive and vibrant. Choosing The Shape Of Your Bathroom Mirrors When it comes to bathroom mirrors and bathroom decors, the shapes and size do matter. According to experts, the size and shape of the bathroom mirror can affect the overall look of your bathroom. For instance, an oval mirror when used as part of your bathroom décor will make your bathroom look more feminine. Oval mirrors also give the room a softer tone. On the other hand, a square mirror give can give your bathroom a more solid look and rectangular mirrors can make your bathroom look more spacious. To give you time to match y...


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