Light Switch Plates - Illuminate The Beauty Of Your Decor

It was not so long ago that light switch plates only came in white or beige plastic with one or two holes for switches. If you thought something else might be nice, too bad. White or beige light switch plates were the industry standard, and what you got. Pretty boring, huh?

Today, of course, modern lighting requires different light switches and the variety of looks in light switch plates expanded with along with the variety and functions of lights. Not only are there the traditional light switch plates you're used to, but you can get paddle light switch plates, circular dimmer light switch plates and sliding dimmer light switch plates that will go with your various light switches so you can have more control and flexibility in the illumination options for your home.

When it comes down to it, light switch plates are an often overlooked and unexpected possibility for beauty in your home. Let's face it, few people really pay any attention to their light switch plates until they crack and break or until they are so dirty they won't clean anymore and have become an eyesore in the room.

But if you look around your room with a fresh pair of eyes, you'll suddenly notice that their presence on walls affects the way you think about a room. Don't believe that? Well then, see for yourself. A good way to test this is to buy a light switch plate that is totally out of character with your room and put it on your wall. Suddenly it's like having the wrong painting or other décor in the room. It jumps out at you as being completely out of place. Now think of this at the other end of the spectrum. If you conduct a household hardware search and find light switch plates that match your room or style, it can be a major complement to your décor and make the room look more complete and impressive. Why do you think designers are now creating light switch plates? They have realized that the little details make a big difference.

Many people don't mind buying beautiful antique doorknobs or cabinet pulls, but they don't want to put out any cash into light switch plates. That's ok. You don't have to. While there are extremely fancy light switch plates on the market, you don't have to shop on the high-end household hardware rack. Even if you want to stick with plastic, there are many colors and shapes you can get these days that can add contrast or complement your décor. For those with more discerning tastes, there is an endless selection, all the way up to customized pieces, you can choose from.

If you are thinking of redoing your lighting options in the room, no time is better to replace those light switch plates. Keep in mind what you are planning, as far as lighting options, and make sure to find a plate that can accommodate your needs, while still projecting your style.


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